Day Permits available locally on the day from Bill White, who lives at Skedholm, Greenhill, his mobile number is 07768 535876

The Royal Four Towns beat of the River AnnanĀ is double bank fishing and extends from Shillahill Bridge 4 miles downriver to Smallholmburn. Shillahill is approximately 2 miles from Lockerbie on the A709 towards Dumfries.

Fishing Map

The river flows through beautiful farmland and has 8 pools, Boat Pool, Roberthill Pool, Prestonhouse Bank Pool, Chub Pool, Smallholm Pool, Smallholmburn Pool, Bush Pool and Geordie’s Pool.

There is good fly fishing on the following stretches from Shilahill bridge to Lairds Point, and The Tunnel to The Chub Pool.

There is ample parking at Inch Burn Bridge, Calflea Bridge, Greenhill, Shillahill Bridge and Roberthill, all within approximately 150 yards of the river.

Anglers should note that due to a historic act of parliament dating back to King Robert The Bruce, the residents of The Royal Four Towns have fishing rights on this stretch of the river, which can result in the last two months of the season being very busy.