Emergency Contacts

The following are useful contacts in the event of power cuts, flooding or other issues:

  1. Scottish Power – In the event of power cut or other emergency contact 0845 2727 999 or the visit their website at www.spenergynetworks.com
  2. Scottish Water – in the event of a loss of water or quality issues contact Scottish Water’s customer helpline on 0845 601 8855 or visit their website at www.scottishwater.co.uk – for Flooding linked to waste water bursts coming from drains phone Scottish Water on 0800 731 0840.
  3. SEPA – In the event of flooding contact the SEPA Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit their website at http://sepa.org.uk/flooding.aspx
  4. Community Resilience – contact any one of your Community Councilors
  5. Oil Top Up – a top up scheme is operated by Johnstone Wallace Fuels in Dumfries, they can be contacted on 01387 750747, or visit their website at www.jwfuels.co.uk. To join the top up scheme contact one of your Community Councilors
  6. Police – In an emergency call 999 or in the event of non emergency situation call 101 or visit their website at www.scotland.police.uk
  7. Council Flood team – make sure the flood event gets recorded so that Flood Risk Data is kept up to date – https://www.dumgal.gov.uk/article/15839/Report-flooding-and-burst-water-mains
  8. Flood Emergency Guide – https://www.gocompare.com/household-tips/limiting-flood-risk-and-damage/

Help for Flooding

Royal Four Towns Community Council Resilience Plan

HELP Household Emergency Life Saving Plan

Your Community Council wishes to have in place a Resilience Plan to come into effect in the case of a local emergency. A Draft Plan is in place, but following a recent meeting it was agreed that residents should be invited to be included, resulting in a more comprehensive plan.

An emergency could be any event or circumstance (happening with or without warning) that causes or threatens:-

  • death or injury
  • disruption to the community
  • damage to property or the environment

– on such a scale that the effect cannot be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations as part of   their normal day-to-day activities.*

From this list it is clear that minor inconveniences are not covered by the Resilience Plan.

We need to know who would give help in the case of an emergency and whether they have any equipment/resources that could be useful.

If you can help, please complete the following questionnaire.

Also, if you feel that you could be vulnerable and would need help if an event occurs, please let us know.

Skill/resource e.g. nurse/4×4 vehicle/tractor/generator

Contact details
i.e. email/mobile/home phone

e.g. Hightae/Heck/ Greenhill/Smallholm