The Annandale Way follows the Annan valley for 53miles from the Solway Firth at Barnkirk Point to Moffat, which it reaches via a circular walk round the Devil’ Punch Bowl. There is an alternative to the main route to take you through Lockerbie.

Opened in 2009, the Annandale Way was funded by the Sulwath Connections Millenium Lottery Fund and was developed through agreements with landowners and local communities. It can be walked in 4 or 5 days and, because the route goes through several settlements, there are hotels and guest houses on the way.

The Way goes through some lovely countryside and the high parts offer great views of the Annan Valley. Some stretches may be a bit muddy after rain, so good walking boots are recommended!

The Annandale Way enters the Royal Four Towns Community Council area at Joe Graham’s Monument on Halliday Hill, from where there are fine, unexpected, views across the Solway Firth. The monument was erected in 1896 in memory of a huntsman of Dumfriesshire foxhounds. Signposts take you down through Rammerscales Estate and past Rammerscales House to the village of Hightae.

The sign-posted route then goes to Calflea Bridge and follows the Calflea Burn, then across a field to Kinninghill where you turn left through a gate towards Castle Loch, the Royal Four Towns boundary being on the track just before Castlemains Farm.

Joe Graham’s Monument on the left, and to the right, views from the monument to the English Lake District.

Further details and maps of the route can be found on the website –