Artist GroupHightae Artists meet in the Royal Four Towns Hall on Wednesday mornings from 10 to 1 throughout the year apart from a summer break and a couple of weeks break over the Christmas period. This relaxed group has been going now for 10 years and there are currently 18 members . This is very much a self run group where members paint in the way they wish with subjects that interest them. There is no teaching but a great deal of mutual encouragement between members and advice available from others if sought.

We hold a couple of Exhibitions of our work throughout the year. One at RFT Hall in Hightae, usually in March and one at Castle Douglas Art Gallery, usually in August. Exact dates can be found on the RFT Hall Association’s FaceBook page.

We are a happy lot and are pleased to see visitors from time to time who may be keen to become involved or indeed merely want to pop in to see what we do. Contact Nick Bass on 01387 810451 or