Royal Four Towns Rural

The Rural meets in the hall on the first Monday of the month at 7.30pm from September until April. There is also an outing for members and friends (both women and men) in June. There are a variety of speakers, demonstrators and visits over the season e.g. this session includes a wildlife photography show, a baking demonstration and a visit to a pantomime. The most important aspect is socialising and time is allocated for chatting over a cuppa. We have been called a friendly bunch and we aspire to live up to that description.

An annual subscription of about £20 is paid and there is a £2 charge at each meeting to cover costs. This includes a chance to win from the raffle.

The Rural is part of the Scottish Women’s Institute (SWI) which was founded as the SWRI a century ago to alleviate the isolation and help improve the skills of women living in rural areas. The Royal Four Towns SWRI started in 1924.

The principles of empowerment and upskilling of women when having FUN are still relevant. The skills range from traditional like crochet to the modern like computing. The Rural is a democratic organisation and welcomes new ideas to stay relevant.

There are opportunities to attend classes and take part in local and national events but there is no compulsion.

A warm welcome awaits women of all ages at the meetings.

Come as a visitor to a meeting to find out more or speak to Norah Muirhead (President). Telephone 01387811368.