Welcome to the Royal Four Towns Community

The Royal Four Towns are Greenhill, Heck, Hightae and Smallholm and were founded by King Robert early in the fourteenth centry during the War of Independence.

In each settlement portions of land were entrusted to experienced soldiers, who held them directly from the king and so were known as the King’s Kindly Tenants. In addition they had the right to share the common lands and the resources of woods and water. They were, consequently, unusually privileged throughout the subsequent centuries.

In return, the Kindly Tenants were obliged to provide provisions and garrisons when Lochmaben Castle was occupied by the King or his representatives.

These services were eventually unnecessary, the Kindly Tenants land and rights were passed down in a small group of families until modern times and produced a proud, independent community with a strong history. Even today the fishing provides a valuable income for Hightae Church, School and Hall Association.

Today, The Royal Four Towns are a vibrant, caring community set in the delightful area of Annandale. There are many activities going on in the area. There are ample opportunities for walking, cycling and fishing locally along with numerous golf courses in the surrounding area.