Local suppliers who will deliver


Check with each supplier re minimum orders,  order and delivery days and payment methods.

This isn’t a complete list, just the ones I know of.  If you know of anyone I’ve missed or if some of the information below has changed, please let me know on 07775 895818 or stuart@dynamicventures.uk

Barony Country Foods supply frozen and fresh meats and fish, milk and eggs. 811928

Castle Fryery the local chippy 810555

Graham’s Bakery supply bread, rolls etc.  Minimum order £10, cash or bank transfer, open 9 to 11 Tuesdays and Fridays.  Order Tuesday for Friday delivery and order Friday for Tuesday delivery.  Deliveries 11 to 1.   811421

The Wee Shop supply home baking materials, herbs, spices, pasta, rice, washing up liquid etc.


The Butchery supply ready meals, meats etc.  01576 203329

Helen Irving supplies fresh fruit and vegetable boxes.  Deliveries in our area Thursday or Friday afternoon or evening.  Phone her to discuss what you want to order on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Paypal (pending) or cash.  01576 203788

Cafe 91 supply ready meals. 01576 202379

Catch of the Day is a mobile shop, also supplying fresh fish.  01461 500496

Tower Fish Bar is the chip shop in Lockerbie.  01576 204262

Roans Dairy deliver milk locally, also cream, eggs and yoghurt.  01556 620374

D&W Ironmongers will deliver paint and hardwares.  01576 204445

Please remember, when we are through this situation, who provided us with our essentials!

Support your small local businesses.

Local Supplier Listings